Jagiellonian University in Kraków

The team at the Jagiellonian University conducts research on practical applications of nanodiamonds for detection of magnetic fields, temperature changes and other physical quantities, as well as for biophysical applications.

In particular, we use nanodiamonds rich in nitrogen-vacancy color centers to perform magnetometric study with high spatial resolution, which results from the very small size of diamonds used. Our goal is to develop methods and technologies for measuring and imaging magnetic fields on a micro-scale, e.g. those created by electronic integrated circuits or biological cells. In addition, we also develop techniques for measuring the temperature inside living biological cells, which will shed new light on biophysical processes occurring in vivo during normal cell functioning.

The conducted research will be also applied for development of specialized microfluidic sensors for biomedical diagnostics. By combining several technologies such as optical fibers, waveguides, microfluidic chambers, and nanodiamonds with biotechnological expertise of our partners, we strive to improve the existing biomedical sensors and develop novel diagnostic methods in medicine.

Green laser light used for NV fluorescence excitation
Bulk diamond on a confocal microscope
MEF cell with NV nanodiamonds