Instytut Biotechnologii i Medycyny Molekularnej

The QUNNA group at the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) is lead by dr Wioleta Białobrzeska and focuses on co-developing and validating a nanodiamond-based biosensor based on a novel detection platform created by all of the partners in the QUNNA consortium. IBMM has a wide expertise in biological biosensors based on a variety of detection modalities.

The gorup of dr Białobrzeska will be involved in multiple stages of the QUNNA project and will participate in conceptualization and production of the biosensors used to detect naurodegenerative diseases and metastatic cancer biomarkers. We will carry out validation of the biosensor using biological samples relevant to the use in medical diagnostics. This will involve establishing several new methods and unique measurment systems. We will also participate in ensuring that the nanodiamond measurment modalities can be reliably and reproducibly used for detection of biological macromolecules.